We Still Have Heirloom Tomato Plants!

We Still Have Heirloom Tomato Plants!

May 27, 2020 0 By dzordani

If you happened to miss our two weekend sale, have no fear! We still have plenty of heirloom tomato plants for sale. With Covid-19 at our heels we had to change things up a bit and are now offering online tomato plant sales with curbside pick-up. With everything that is going on around us we feel that this is the best way to offer our tomato plants while keeping everyone safe.

Pre-order online and Curbside Pick-up

We have set-up an online store complete with pictures and descriptions of each tomato variety available. Once you select the plants for your order, you can submit your payment online. *Be sure to check the box for “Curbside Pickup” at checkout.

TIME:  10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

NOTE:  Our site may default to the pick-up date being a week out but as long as you order by Friday, May 29th, 2020,  your plants will be ready for pick on Saturday, May 30th.

We also want to point out a few things:

We unfortunately don’t have any pepper plants for sale at this time. There are a lot of jalapeno pepper, Jimmy Nardello and poblano pepper plants that are still growing but not ready yet.

Check out the early varieties! We’re surprised to see a lot of Moskovich plants in our inventory as they are actually an early producer (60 days). This tomato is perfect for our short growing season.

Be very careful planting any new plants out in extreme temperatures. We’re going to have a string of hot days coming up which can actually be a bit harsh for plants that are straight from the greenhouse. Gradually introducing your plants is best by placing them in shade the first couple of days. Then, move them into early morning sun for a bit and back into shade for the hot afternoon for another couple of days. This will help your plants transition from the greenhouse to full sun in the garden.

Thanks to everyone who already came out to support our Annual Heirloom Tomato Plant sale. We have some of the best customers around and can’t say thank you enough! Be sure to keep us posted on how your tomato plants are doing this summer. Also, watch this space for more tips and info on gardening. Thanks again!